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andwehadadream's Journal

adventures with photography.
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sofuckenvicious and regen's adventures in photography. the setting changes, but you'll find their characters moving between Hamilton and Ancaster, Ontario.

Photography and writing is done by both regen and sofuckenvicious and they would prefer you do not reproduce or steal anything you find here. If you think you'll die if we don't let you use something, ask one of us, and perhaps we'll say yes. Perhaps.

The characters here are based upon ourselves yet there is still some differences between ourselves and our characters. Keep in mind, this isn't some fanfiction project or what-have-you. We're just two bored chica's making up stories to go with our digital photography because really, who actually has something to do on Saturday nights?

**All characters, photography and writing herein are the intellectual property of regen and sofuckenvicious. ©2006.